Historic Renovation & Restoration

Restoring the historic architecture of a 300+ year-old city



Few cities in the US have landscapes to rival New Orleans, which is filled with historic buildings in various degrees of deterioration and adaptive reuse. We are intrigued by the histories behind each of these projects and we get excited about breathing new life into these buildings to ensure that they continue to serve the needs of future generations of New Orleanians.

National Award-Winning Projects

The Build America awards honor AGC members who build the nation’s most impressive construction projects ranging across the building, highway and transportation, utility infrastructure, and federal and heavy divisions. In the words of AGC’s Past President J. Doug Pruitt, these projects, with their vision, scope and grandeur literally dare to challenge, dare to change. Recipients of the Build America Awards have demonstrated the very best when it comes to building a better America and improving our quality of life.

Two RGGC projects have received this prestigious, nationwide honor. The Myrtle Banks Redevelopment Historic Restoration was honored in 2015 and the Sazerac House in 2021.