Project Executive

Patrick Thomas

It’s never hard to figure out when Pat will be taking vacation days, if you check the hunting schedule. Being the owner of probably the worst taxidermy rendition of a duck, his office still proclaims his favorite hobby as does his membership in Ducks Unlimited, until he became a father. Pat adores his two children and finds no greater joy than being their dad.

Discovering a career in construction after trying his hand at other things, well, he took to it like a duck to water. Pat has gained well-rounded experience in a range of construction project applications over his career. His ability to manage the sequencing of a project, coupled with strong client relationships, makes him a positive addition to the RGGC leadership team. He has overcome some amazing challenges in some projects but is most proud of building an office building on a barge for Crescent Towing and the many jobs he has completed at his Alma Maters, Jesuit and Christian Brothers.


Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Loyola University in New Orleans

Favorite Projects

  • The many jobs at Jesuit High School
  • The Sazerac House
  • The Manning Family Athletic Complex at Isidore Newman School